Monday, December 31, 2007

A look back at 2007

I been reading back over the blog and in the very first entry after the team event in Waterford I made the following statements. I think I'm a completely different player to the one i was a year ago and I really believe that a big result is just around the corner and Also I really feel that I will play maybe 15 events at most this year with such a big/good field so realistically if you can manage to go deep in three or four of them it's a fantastic year so it feels like a wasted good run at a tournament. Well I got the big result in the Irish Open and ran deep in four big tournaments so I suppose I should be happy with the year. In general I am but feel that I should of had at least a top three finish in one off those four tournaments so I'm not entirely happy with how the year went. I'll look back at my poker year on a month by month recap.


Although its only been running a couple of years now the IPC is in the top three tournaments run in Ireland over the year. I had cashed in this in 2006 finishing 26th of the 393 starters, I started well in the tournament but blew an above average stack with TPTK to a player I thought was bluffing ( I always think northern players are bluffing ). The hand I went out on was bad as I had decided to check/raise the flop and fold to a push. However I had some sort of a brainfart and called the push. I played three live Satts into the tournament and won all three taking €1500 cash twice.

Online Sunpoker had started a mpp race for 100 Vegas packages with the top 60 guaranteed a main event seat. I had decided to go at this and started upping my play mixing a few PLO full ring tables with the stts which I usually played. I made $3000 and broke into the top hundred in the race in January.


Were very quite months; I had losing months live, the biggest tournament I played was the bigslick team event where I finished 4th of the 240 or so starters. Online I only won $2500 for the two months and broke into the top 60 in the race thing. Sun also had a stt for the top ten hand count players at PLO. I came second in the stt for a $2500 vegas package getting AAxx cracked HU for the $11500 package.


Was all about the Irish Open and I did a comprehensive report here in the blog

I did a interview with Antesup just after being knocked out which many people commented on subsequently to me, heres a link


I had a decent run at the Waterford open finishing 33rd of the 180 starters. Would of loved to take this one down but Jakey hit a straight against me on the river for a decent stack which would of put me above average for the first time in two days.

The Macau summer festival is one of my favorite events of the year and I had a good but ultimately very disappointing tournament. To have the chip lead with 15
players left and finish 13th leaves a very stale taste in the mouth and I went out on one of the worst plays of my life about six hands in on day three. I can still picture myself walking around a field 30 minutes outside cork puffing on a smoke and scratching my head at what I'd done.

Online I dropped $2000 in May mainly due to securing the wsop seat. I ended the month 10 tabling 2/4 limit and it was close but I got the package in the end. The last night of the promo was a close call

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