Sunday, December 23, 2007

GJP Xmass game Drogheda

Only 24 Starters for this which was a very disappointing turnout. Suppose the day was in it people just had to much on but a €500 event with a great structure and no reg cost really should of gotten 50 starters. Upon entering the club Joe asked me would I just take €2000 now and leave. He probably had my equity right for a tournament in Drogheda 400/500%

My new nemesis Owen Mullen was at my table but the tournament was missing a bit of value as Fran (Jackyback from boards) didn't play. Started grand, then with about 14 players left I overplayed TPTK and lost most of my stack when I put Baz on a draw instead of a set. Owen was very quick to let me know what a donkey I was; ridiculing me for the play and making sure every one herd. But I had 3k in chips left and told him that he could regret the comments yet.

So it was with great pleasure that a few hours later I raised UTG to 3.5k with KK and the chip lead and Owen pushed his second in chips stack in from the BB with 1010. Sweet or what ul Owen gg lol. I ran sick good at the final table, right from the start and had 120k of the 240k in play with 5 players left. Neill "the poet" Murphy nearly pulled off a miraculous comeback after being sucked out on twice by the maestro Mullen, he got his 175 chips back to about 30k at one stage and was unlucky to bubble.

In the end there was a three way chop, I had doubled up two shortstacks and Ciaran Burke had taken both out so was level on chips with me. Baz had about 35k when a deal was struck; Me and Ciaran getting €4150 Baz €2500. I was happy to deal in the end as it was after one and myself and Pat had headed off at ten that morning and faced the long drive home. It was also important to me that Pats 20% of me was someway decent as that had been one way traffic over the last few months.

Joking aside, Owen and Joe run a great and welcoming club, as players their selves I suppose this is to be expected but its always a pleasure to play in the DPC and as ever a game with GreenJokers involvement is always top class.