Monday, December 3, 2007

Macau Winter Festival

Headed down to Cork Thursday with high expectations as I've had atleast some sort of result at my previous four festivals in the Macau; but alas not this time.

Was going along grand in the main event with about 18k in level three then get these three hands in the space of four hands, call a four bet on a flop with st flush draw, check fold the turn because I've 12k left and I know he has top set. Next hand run second nut flush into nut against a guy who had no idea what he was doing. table breaks 2nd hand on new table 6 k left flop top two with AK into KK.

Played the €300 event where I lost a race against Rob AQ V JJ for 35k, average was about 20k at the time with circa 30 players remaining.

Cashed in Sunday million last time for the first time for a whooping $412. I've only played this about five time and really should play it more often as there's great value in it.

So I'm off to Prague on Sunday for my first EPT and while I'm not exactly in a rich vein of form ATM I feel I'm playing well and hopeful of a good tournament.