Friday, December 21, 2007

IPC SAT Blazingaces

Got my IPC ticket in the €200 freezeout sat in blazingaces tonight which is handy. I played three live satellites for this event last year and got a ticket each time so that's 4 for 4 which is a decent batting average. Pat Storen was very unlucky to run set over set with 6 players left and three tickets up for grabs. The last time I won into an event in the local club was for last years Irish open so hopefully this one can lead to a final table appearance as well.

Travelled up to the sporting emporium for the €100 FO on Monday night. A long way to go for a €100 game but felt like a game and finished forth of the 39 runners. TBH I played shit all night and it would of been an injustice if I had won it, think NFCRob took it down.