Thursday, October 18, 2007

structures getting over the top ?

well the first time I encountered over 10k in a decent buy in was last years GJP game. I thought at the time and still do that 15k and the 60 minute clock was a magic structure ( although I'd rather antes, a subjective preferance ). Bigslick followed this structure for there game the Waterford open and again a super structure was in place. The macau then introduced a 75 minute clock with two added key levels for there 10k starting stack summer festival. This worked very well and the structure was every bit as good as the previous two mentioned events.

Now coming up we have the macau xmass 75 minute clock 15k stack. Next year JP and Bigslick have 20k stacks and 60 minute clocks while GJP have just announced the 50k starting stack game. While I'm against denouncing something without trying it I fear that the optimum structure may of been reached with last year games. I remember a conversation with Dathio at this years Waterford open where we were of the opinion that the event structure was borderline to slow and anything more would just be to much. While I hope to play the GJP JP and BS events next year I feel that line has been crossed