Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting out of the blocks

Just busted another shallow starting stack WSOP event a couple of hours ago. Again I broke well out of the starting stalls, amassing more then 3x starting stack after two levels but again couldn't kick on.

That's four events now I've started well with zero conversions. I honestly don't think I'm doing a whole lot wrong, just not getting the rub of the green. In fact I think I've played some very good poker over the last week.

I regged for day one C of the main before I left the Rio tonight. My original plan was to play one A on the fifth but as were planning a big night out on the third ( UFC + piss up ) I've decided that at my age I need a few days extra to recover.

Myself and Marty's nemeses on the golf course seem to be flying at the poker out here. I railed Julian Gardner putting up a great performance in the 5k PLO last night where he finished sixth and Mr Spillane is cleaning up at the support festivals. Hopefully we can relieve them of some of their hard earned over the coming two weeks.