Monday, October 1, 2007

JPs monthly/IPO

Drove up to dublin for this today only 38 runners which was a little disappointing. This is a well structured well run event and deserves to be supported. Went out on the bubble of the final table when I made a big call with KQ to a four bet push. He had QJ and if i had avoided the J on the turn I had a double the average stack on the final table but wasn't to be. Losing a 70/30 usually doesn't bother me very much and had this been AK v AQ it would of been water off a ducks back but I felt a little aggrieved after making such a huge call. Gholimoli had more chips then jamie gold when I left so I imagine he took it down.

Looking forward to next weeks IPO. I must say i was a little sceptical as to whether this would work but with 800 registered tonight my hats off to Stephen/Derek and Anna it's great to see there hard work rewarded.