Friday, October 26, 2007

To EPT or not to EPT that is the ?

I played a €1k entry 8 man stt in Drogheda last night and managed to take it down. I was short stacked with only 5k of the 80k in play with six left but got there in the end with good cards good moves and good luck. I won a crucial 30/70 with A9 Vs 1010 with 4 players left and chopped a pot against the short stack with A7 Vs A10 with three left. The heads up was against a player I didn't know and while a little unorthodox he was a very good and tricky opponent. The headsup lasted two hours and swung many times. I pulled off a crucial river bluff with jack high on a 99763 board which would of crippled me but gave me 75% of the chips when it came off and I finished it off soon after. But with one prize this was a real pressure heads up and I was very happy to come out on top.

But now I have a decision to make, I thought the club had the ticket bought but was handed €8000 cash when the tournament. it really is a hard one if I was handed a ticket well I wouldn't sell and play but to be handed 8k is different. I've always been of the opinion that buying into one ept is -ev and that I would never buy into one unless I could buy into at least five the same year. I know the variance would be still huge but I always felt that if I played five of these in one year I would have a run at one at least. Its not a choice of playing the other lower buy-in events coming up I'd be playing those anyway but rather do I put 8k down- a significant % of my roll- for one tournament. ATM I'm probably leaning towards being prudent and not buying in but don't be surprised to see me there on the day 4-betting scandies.

I must say that they run a great show in the club and have some great stuff going on for the players. Cash league with a car first prize, 2.5k badbeat and etp Prague and wsop freeroll leagues coming up. Having said that you can win a dartboard in blazingaces :-)