Thursday, October 18, 2007

Feast or famine

From a players point of view this year has either been a feast or famine. We had the IPC in January IO April ant then three conservative tournaments in may. Then nothing for five months (bar the hastily put together mini festival in the emporium but 77 runners isn't really great).

Now over a two-month period we've got a glut of tournaments again. ETP Bigslick Fitz Emporium Macau. I have no doubt that of the organisers are losing players because of the cluster in dates. I Know I for one wont play them all in that short a period but maybe would of if there was a better spread and I think I'm not alone.

I think that the IO EPT and IPC are fixed in the calendar. I don't know but it doesn't seem like rocket science that the other promoters of major events could get together and work a calendar around these events for a better spread of the bigger buy in tournaments. I'm sure it will insure better numbers for all events.

For 2007 it seems all big tournaments ran early April to early June then late October to early December, meaning that the year had the nine big events in the country which were run over four months and a three and five month gap without one. Its really just common sense that the people involved in organising the tournaments get together and come up with a better spread calendar.