Thursday, October 18, 2007

IPO/Golf Killarney/Snooker

Played the IPO and finished about 150/160th. Got a decent stack at one stage and played pretty well but towards the end of day one decided that it was going to be monster stack for day two or home. Three fast race losses and a donk of my last few chips meant it was the latter. It was amazing to see nearly 1100 players in one spot in Ireland and while many problems were encountered over the two days I think overall the tournament can be considered a success. I’m sure it gave many aspiring players there first taste of what a bigger event is like to play and at €150 I’d say everyone got value for money.

Ah to golf, Sideshow was good enough to invite me to what must be one of the most exclusive courses in the country during the week. The Old head in Kinsale is simply breathtaking as a golf course its €1200 for a tee off time so a nice freebee and I repaid bobs generosity by taking his money on the course. Here’s a link to the courses site there’s a video in the bottom left of the home page that gives a taste of this unique course but it doesn’t do the place justice. I was well impressed; it’s worth a look

Travelled down to Killarney for the cue club monthly. As ever the trip to Kerry usually becomes more of a social occasion. The event was the clubs new €200 monthly and had good starting numbers at 55. I over did the social aspect of it and actually had to ask Connie on sunday where I’d finished after about 20 pints of Heineken. So a sixth place for €715 was better then expected considering my condition.

As a bonus I still managed to pawn Flipper on the snooker for a tun on Sunday morning as well, sweet.