Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busted but not broken

Derek Murray said to me earlier in the week that the day you bust the main event is the worst day of the year for a poker player. He's right, but you have to put it perspective, If the worst thing that happens to you in a year is busting a poker tournament then things ain't to bad.

I got back yesterday with 66k and on paper what looked a handy enough table, by the end of the first two hours I though the table was better then it looked on research.

The first two hour session didn't go well, lots of raises snapped off and no continuation bets getting through. I did three bet twice light over the two hours which allowed me keep my stack at 50k at least, which was over 40 bigs.

When we returned after the break I got over the 60k again when I picked up 1010 in the SB. UTG raised to 3k blinds 600/1200-200 ante , something he seemed fond of doing and got one caller. I usually flat here but my read was UTG was weak and the caller was folding 100% of the time having seen him fold QQ face up earlier to late position raise and three bet.

I raised to 11k fairly sure it would take the 9,600 in the middle. To my surprise the initial raiser pushed. My read was that the tens were good but my head said calling for 42 bigs with 1010 was nuts so I folded. I kinda regret not going with my gut.

Soon after playing 52k and with blinds 800/1600-200 ante. I'm BB holding AK and the button opens for 3900 and I make it 11,000. It's the forth time in an hour I've three bet him, once from the BB with AA and twice from the button with dirt. The guy has also dropped from 150k to about 70k in the previous hour.

basically I'm expecting him to four bet, so when he shoves, I cant get the chips into the pot fast enough with the AK. He held 44 and won the race. While I'll three bet light in position, I'm never doing it from the blinds with over 20 bigs, so his shove is questionable I think. My three bet range here is crushing his hand and I don't think I'm ever folding once I do it.

It's a pity as I felt I had a really good handle on the table at that stage and if I won the race I'm confidant I could of built on that for the rest of the day.

Obviously I'm very disappointed to exit, but pragmatic enough about it at the same time. I'll do a review blog on the trip when I get home later in the week.