Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Main Event

It's all becoming a bit blurred here at this stage with the head unable to differentiate between tournaments and such. How the hell some players play everyday for the series without going bonkers is beyond me, but I guess they all go a level of nuts.

I did manage to cover a lot of my expenses for the trip in a mega satt yesterday so that was nice, also gives me the feeling that I'm running ok.

I play the main event tomorrow and this is what the trips all about for me. I'm looking forward to it hugely and feeling quietly confidant I can get something going in it.

At the start of this year I don't think I got above starting stack in a tournament for about three months. More recently I been getting off to good starts but not getting any real depth. Hopefully this changes in the main. It's all variance but fingers crossed I can get me some positive.

On the golf front I took out misters Smyth and Spillane at Paul's home course Bali Hi. Two gentlemen with very different sporting ethical/morale philosophies on the course.

We have bets on front/back and overall. At the ninth Marty was 2pts up looking a lock for front nine until he hit his shot into the bunker at the easyish par 3 . As I was about to play he told me to dump the seven iron in my hand and play a nine. I obviously nailed it and he scratched. Paul would of told me to take a six.