Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last of the Mohigan's

Gutted to see Derek and Tommy whom I'm sharing the house at 2367 Mohigan drive with, both bust today, however it did make me the last of the Mohigan's.

The day is a bit of a blur at the moment but there were some great hands. I got lucky early when I picked up AA and the big blind checked raised me on a k 10 6 two diamonds flop. I called and folded when another King hit the turn. He showed 1010 and I'd of lost more chips if the second King didn't come.

Shortly after I raised 43os UTG, blinds 200/400, one caller and we saw a K 6 4 flop. I bet and think I was finished with the hand until I binked another 4 on the turn. He called again and also a pot sized river bet. Poor guy was fairly dejected when I flipped my hand but it didn't do my table image much good and I was snapped off about the next six times I opened.

I was happy enough when the table broke towards the end of the forth hour of the day. The new table was interesting, a guy to my right sporting a bracelet, to his right a Norwegian who seemed to be getting a lot of press attention, turned out he was a double Olympian gold medal winner at cross country skiing. There was also two older guys who were bad but were hitting everything.

The first hand I played on the table I called 66 on the button, the 876 flop looked good, the 6 on the turn looked even better. The UTG raiser had check called flop and turn, when the checked his remaining 18k on the river, I decided to chance a shove. The fact that he tanked for five minutes with AK for ace high told me it was probably the right move.

At dinner I had 43k within 4 hands after dinner I was down to 22k. I had raised all four and connected to three flops. Unfortunately the old guys were calling me down and I knew I was fucked when the river four flushed two of the boards and another four straighted.

The next hand I picked up 88 UTG but decided to just fold them as I didn't fancy the fifth open in a row, obv the board came 8 5 3 rainbow and two guys go to war.

A bit steaming now,I knew I had to buckle down and hang in to pick the right spot and try double. I was quiet over the next 90 minutes, picking the odd spot to maintain my short stack. Coming towards the end I shoved 33 on the button for 22 bigs after two limpers. Then with five hands left I flatted 44 after a raise and call from the small blind, the big came along. The Q 8 4 two spade flop brought a tear of joy to my eye, the 10k bet from one of the older guys wasn't half bad news either. I knew he wasn't for folding so put my remaining 28k in and was delighted to see a red QK. The Q on the turn did give a bit of a fright but thankfully I didn't take a bad one.

66k at the end of the day and looking forward to Monday.

We never did find the car keys after, so decided to ring the rental company. Within an hour they had towed away the key less car and replaced it with a new one Including an apology for taking so long. I was impressed.