Thursday, July 8, 2010

Through Day One

Finished Day one of the main event with 33,925 in chips, which is coincidently within 50 chips of what I finished day one with last year.

The day got off to a disastrous start as we were set to head to the Rio about 11.40, but the car keys decided to disappear. Twenty minutes later, after ripping the house apart we rang a cab and arrived with 50 minutes of the first level over. We still haven't found the keys :-(

The first level went really well, almost immediately upon sitting down I picked up a nut flush and won 5k. I ended the level on 37k.

Early in level two I flatted an open with eights and three of us saw a A 8 4 two heart flop. I called the initial raisers 900 continuation and the button min-raised, when the opener re-popped to 4800 it was time to pump it and that took down the pot. The hand saw me hit my high for the day at 43,000 chips.

Level three was uneventful. In level four I lost 8k when I got of line against a guy who flopped a monster and dropped to 25k, but got them back soon enough when I hit an 8 8 4 flop holding 44.

We played half of level five and I lost 6k in the last three hands. When I left the amazon I felt that I hadn't played well over the day. Having reviewed the day I think I played all right, I can only think of one mistake where I 3-bet KK when a trigger happy, relatively short would probably of shoved had I smoothed. I guess I just felt I should of had a lot more chips then I did when the day finished and was being a bit hard on myself.

Anyway I'm back Friday for day two. Table draws are going to be a major influence from here on in, so hopefully I get a good one.