Friday, June 15, 2007

Main event seat

When I started this post it was to be a preview of my thoughts heading to Vegas for my first trip but ended up being about an semi interesting last day of a promotion in which I secured my main event seat. I'll do a preview of my thoughts aims for Vegas before Monday.

Well I’m off to Vegas for the first time on Tuesday the 19th of June and return flight is 19th of July. I have my main event seat which I got in a MPP race on sun and a $1500 buy in which I won in a promo in march on the same site.

The main event seat was won in an mpp race run from Dec to the end of May. A lot of play went into securing the seat mostly from heavy play in jan/feb/march. After I got the touch in the Irish open online grinding wasn’t so appealing so to keep up my points and secure the seat I used to jump into eight $2/$4 limit tables for a few hours when I was playing. I was a small looser in these and with a week to go in the promo my seat looked secure as I had about 5000 mpps to spare.

I hardly played over that weekend which was a bank holiday in England so the table wasn’t updated between Friday and Monday. When I checked it on Tuesday I got a bit of a fright as I only had 1200 points to spare, the race was running until 5 A M Friday morning, so I had to get stuck in over the next few days.

So Tuesday and Wednesday I put in 3000 points between the two days to put this in context 900 is the most points I had earned up to this point in a single day through the promo. However when I look at the table leading into the final day Thursday I’m only have about 700 points to spare and all the other guys pushing for a seat have been hitting 2K+ points in the previous few days so its going to be a long Day.

OK then its fine just going to have to put in a long day on the Thursday but one problem my bankroll on the site. When I started the rush for points on the Tuesday I had $3k but went on a bad downswing so starting Thursday I had about $800. I have money on other sites but it would take 24 hours to get into neteller, which I’ve kept empty since their troubles. Sun nor Neteller wouldn’t accept my laser and I don’t have a credit card so I just started playing with the $800 10 tables $2/$4 limit at 1 P M.

By 3 I’m down to $300 and worried I ring Flipper to see if he has any cash on Neteller, which he doesn’t but tells me to hang on. A few minutes later he get Niall O’ Callahan to transfer the last €260 he has on Neteller to me (he had cleared his account for Vegas). Dropped to six tables but was in trouble by 9, tried to lodge using my brothers card to no avail and Alex Collier tried ringing Sun but they wouldn’t allow him to transfer or lodge money to my account.

At this stage I’m getting desperate and have a couple of offers to dump chips on a heads up table. I didn’t want to risk my account been frozen which happened to me last year on another crypto skin when I dumped $1k to Danny (both accounts still frozen). So its 12 A M I’ve given up on getting cash into the account and I have a total of $120 between three tables and can see all the other contenders lashing into it. Well I somehow keep the three tables going for the next 5 hours at the end I had $226 in the account and had made it by 287 MPPs less then two hours play.

The irony of all this was that amount on money I had in the bank and chunks of cash laying around the house. I’m very grateful to OCallagh and flipper for sorting that €260 because that’s what got me there in the end.