Monday, June 29, 2009


Played the $1,500 yesterday, this was by far the easiest table I've ever sat on in a tournament with a buy in greater then €1,000. The standard in a regular €50 club game in Ireland is probable better TBH. Busted halfway through level six with about 1200 players remaining, got off to a decent start had 9300 at break one, no big pots. Had a terrible second session dropping to 1600 on break two, again no big pots, just lots of raiser and C-bets going astray . Got it back to 6800 when I go out in the following situation. Blinds 150/300 25a I'm button and raise to 900 with Qs8s, both blinds call, flop 5s7s Qx, sb leads for 1200, bb calls and I ship. SB calls with 55 for the set, I pick up extra outs when a 6 hits the turn but no joy. I play the $1,500 again tomorrow and a cash would be nice.

On the golf front I've come to the conclusion that Spillane and Gardner are total bandits. Played twice since I last blogged. Five of us played the TPC Vegas and Gardner romped it, I got out ahead winning side bets with Marty and Paul. Dave Callaghan did nearly break my thumb in a buggy smash. Today we played better balls on Bears Best course and team Spillane/Gardner murdered myself and Marty again, thankfully I wised up on playing for percentages and just lost a few bucks. On the drive out to the TPC course the taxi driver commented " look at that crazy running in this heat" obviously when we look out the window we spot Dara pounding the pavement in 100+ degrees.

Had an enjoyable few drinks with Jude, Derek, Jude's wife Ashling and brother in law Dave last night. I've acquired a taste for white russians made on grey goose vodka over here, smashing drink but they don't half kick.

Having discussed the starting day for the main event with a number of players whom advice I respect, I've taken a compleat tournaround and It now looks certain that I'll be playing day one A next Friday.