Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PLO 100% record in tatters

I'm very sad to report my 100% PLO tournament record lies in tatters after playing the $240 game in the Golden Nugget's Grand festival today. There was about 120 starters, 12,000 stack and I was going really well with about 50 players remaining having quadrupled my stack. I peaked at about 55k but lost a couple of hands against short-stacks. The most noticeable of these with QQ 810ds against Q 10 6 2 one suit for a 30k pot. I dropped to about 15k but had it back to over 30k when I exited about 8 off the money ( 18 paid ). While I don't know that much about omaha I'm fairly sure that Kh9x8h8x on a Ah8x4h board is enough to get them in, unfortunately my opponents AAxx held. The nugget is a smashing hotel and a lovely place to play cards, I'll definitely be back down there for another game.