Friday, June 26, 2009


The next two weeks will be all about the poker. Since I posted Tuesday I played a small $125 buy in late night game in caesars cashing for a grand. Finally won at golf but it was more down to the opponents bottling it on the 18th and Marty's shrewdness then anything I contributed. Two points down at the 18th I got a point and Marty three while Julian and Paul both scratched, ship, glad I didn't lose another two percent in main event. I swapped 2.5 % with Jude and Derek so just about own over 50% of myself at this stage.

I played the $550 game in the Venetian today and just busted a very healthy 55k stack with 260 of the 660 starters remaining. I held Jacks in both hands I lost the chips. First one I folded the turn after putting in about 20k on a 9 high board to be shown Aces, second one I ran into kings on a queen high boards in a 3-bet pot. I had just been moved to the table which Derek was on and he told me later that the guy I checked raised on the flop was a total rock. Figures as he took an age to call, I thought during that time that I had the pot.

Little disappointed not to go deeper but was very happy with how I played up to that point and seem to be picking up a few decent hands which I haven't been the last few months. Mentally I don't think I could be in better form in the run up to the main event. When I got here my mind was filled with negatives about my game but the last week have done wonders for my perspective and I'm honestly looking forward to the next two with a great amount of enthusiasm and confidence. I just feel things are starting to click.