Saturday, June 20, 2009

OMG there's hustlers in Vegas

Big thanks to Doke for getting me sorted online here. I shanghaied him in the Rio and dragged him to the Gold Coast where he wasn't allowed leave until he got me connected. Actually liking staying in the Gold Coast which is very important seeing as I'm gonna be here for a month.

Poker wise I've played very little, just a $300 game in Caesars where I bluffed off my chips in a very bad spot and two stts in the RIO, chopping one two handed. The stts in the Rio are played with one place paid but there's usually business done. I might grind a few of these over the trip. Really just spent the last two days getting into the swing of things here and the poker really starts this morning with a $1,500 wsop event.

Had a few drinks in the hooker bar Thursday night, loads of Irish over here so plenty people to hang with. While at in bar myself, Marty, Paul Spillane and Julian Gardner, arranged to golf the next day. It was myself and Marty teamed against Paul and Julian, playing for percentages in the wsop ME. We were on the wrong side of a right battering, so lost 2%. Handicaps will be changing before the next game.