Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bright light city

Off to Vegas on Wednesday for a month. Gonna play at least 4 bracelet events including the main event. The smallest field I'm going to play in the Rio is about 3000 players. While the field sizes are daunting, all one can really do is get your head down and play your table as best you can. One thing is for sure, many worse players them myself have maneuvered through such fields and I'll be giving it my all and relishing the challenge.

I played the redcow Bruce game on Friday and the WSOP satt in Carlow on Saturday. Two damp squibs, never getting anything going in either. In all honesty I've hit a down slump since early February. I've had many over the last four years and they end; fingers crossed the change in scenery can also bring around a change fortune.

I need to organise a laptop for Vegas, gave mine to my dad as I never use it but ill do lots of updates from sin city. Dreading the journey over Wednesday, I'm flying Shannon-New York-Vegas. Wish me luck.