Sunday, June 21, 2009

fast exit

With a 90 bigblind starting stack the $1500 games are going to have a high early attrition rate, unfortunately I was one of the casualties today. I started very well adding almost 50% to my stack in the first 30 minutes, hitting a few hands and connecting with a couple of flops. There was four bad players at the table and two decent ones. Picked up AdAH in the small blind and bumped it up to 275 after two limper's. The second limper called and i doubled him up on a three diamond flop; he held 9d4d. I dropped to 2k by the end of level one. Near the end of level two I was back to exact starting stack when I raised A10 in mid position to 300, the BB who had been by far the most active player 3-bet to 1050. I know his range was wide here and I had a good image so shoved, unfortunately he had AdKd and I was busto on an all Diamond flop.

I have no real plans for the coming week, gonna just play small ones wherever I fancy on the day.