Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Couple of odd hands

At the Brucepoker game last Friday night with four tables left I raise the button with A8os 3x. I'm playing about 60k with the blinds 1500/3000 and badbeatJoe is the bigblind and has about twice my chips. Now Joe is at the opposite end of the table and dwells a bit about his action, during this time he is picking up his cards and putting them back on the table. I somehow catch a glimpse of one of his cards which is the four of diamonds. The Flop comes down 1098 no diamonds and Joe leads for 17k. I cant see how my A8 is behind any hand he calls with pre containing a four so shove ( which is a total brain fart as I have him drawing to 2(44) or 3(A4) outs ) to be shown 9d4d.

Thinking about the hand after I was wondering if there is an ethical dilemma for me here having seen one of his cards. Should I say something preflop when I see his card. I dunno, TBH it's up to him to protect his cards but it seems a little gray to me.

The second hand happened tonight in the Macau and is a bit of a moan about a terrible call someone made against me. I fancied a game and there was a three seat guaranteed satellite for the weekends shorthanded festival main event on. 26 runners and I hit some nice hands taking a chip lead to the final table. I had few setbacks most notable AA<84 but was still in good shape when we reached the bubble. There was 316k total chips in play and I managed to lose two 100k pots before I pushed 65k utg with KK. The blinds had hit 5/10k at this stage and the BB playing 75k called with 33. I don't like the call here ever but the fact that another of the four players held 30k at the time makes it really bad imo. I did get a Roy Brindley book for bubbling so it wasn't all bad.