Friday, June 22, 2007

first wsop event

second hand get AA an only manage to lose 1200 of the 3k starting stack. I'm happy to still be in as i could easily of bust here. I played very good poker in this game and had my stack up to 16k by the start of level 5 before i took a hit. I went out with about 1000 players left when I was playing 10500 chips in by the turn holding AA against a guy playing 66 on a 55 10 9 board but a 6 on the river put a pretty abrupt end to my tournament. the average at the time was 7500. Ah well there was a time when this kind of thing affected me pretty bad but what more can you do then get a guy to put his chips in when your a 95% fav.

had a good few beers last night so fairly sick atm but might venture into the venetian for there monkey game but might just chill. Really happy with how I've played so far over her and despite how I went out of he two tournaments so far I can feel the cards running a bit my way which is quite encouraging.

for any cork readers theledgendary Big Al is still in with 180 left playing 55k with the average at 48k

edit just reading card player they know I've arrived hehe
The $1,500 no-limit hold’em (event 35) saw a field of 2,541 that included Noah
Boeken, Roland De Wolfe, Ben Roberts, John Duthie, Nicky Power, Al Kelleher,
William Thorson, Andy Black, Pascal Perrault, Arnaud Mattern, and Rolf Slotboom.
By the end of the night, the field was whittle down to less than one-tenth."