Monday, June 25, 2007

venetian deep stack

Pushed over a guy who had been re-raising a lot from the bb with AK and the initial raiser calls with 77??? for over 10k when average is 13k. Wouldn't mind getting some kinda cash soon just for the confidence. Was feeling very good about my game before my messy little gambling spree the other night. Don't know what it is but that feeling isn't with me now so I'm not playing poker for two day to get my head together.

Did go up to the Wynn to have a look after I busted out of the venetian and played a little cash but I just don't have the disposition for cash and just acted the bollix for a small loss.

NCF was going well in the venetian and I did a little % swap so with $136000 first prize and the way Robs been playing lately could get some bucks there.