Wednesday, June 27, 2007

just chillin

just hung out around the pool yesterday nursing a hangover. The house here is the business so its easy enough to chill here. Played a little bit of inter net and made $1100 in a few stts on crypto. With the time difference there's about 3 people on crypto at 10 at night here so moved to stars.

Now I hardly ever play stars but had lodged to play the big wsop qualifier last week and had a little over $112 in the account I busted in A $100 freeze out and out of pure boredom played a $2 900 runner tourney. Lyonzy and Derek thought this hilarious as they said if anyone back home sees your name in this well they will think your in serious trouble financially. :-) but I can report that I have finally cash in a multi tournament even if it was for $4.72.

I'm just off to the venetian now and if I bust I'll go to the rio and play two $500 sats for tomorrow's $5000 shorthanded. This has a 10000 starting stack so is well worth playing but if I don't sat in I wont be buying in directly.