Thursday, June 28, 2007

steak & eggs at binions/more bollox at the rio

Got into the venetian at 10.50 but everyone seems to be realising that these are the best game in town as I was handed alternate ticket 142. They have been hitting about 600 for most of the tournaments including 120 alternates so I wasn't waiting around for three hours with only an outside chance of getting in. Was speaking to a guy later who said they only got 109 in.

decided to head downtown to see what was happening in the mini series in the home of poker binions. You can actually taste the history in this place its like walking into the sixties. Looked like all the employees and customers were there since that age also.

The series there running is based on the wsop. They run one of the following days wsop event at a tenth of the buy in. Unfortunately for me they had chosen the stud eight or better rather then the shorthanded NLH But I decided to give it a shot it was only $100 buy in and I get to play a tournament in binion's, good value in my book.

Had steak and eggs in the coffee shop there which I highly recommend best grub I've had since I got here

Anyhow picked up the stud fast enough for anyone that doesn't know the game it plays pretty much like limit hilo. I had double the average at the first break which was quite encouraging but that was as good as it got.

Went into the rio with the intention of satting into today's 5k shorthanded. Decided to play the 9 o, clock main event mega satt. $500 in and 185 runners 3k in chips so 9 players would get 10k worth of wsop buy in chips. got an early double through when I raised with with 7c8c and got it all in on a flop of 9c 10d kc against AK; 2c on the river. still had this 6k when I got it in preflop against AK but an A on the river put paid to this one.

Decided on playing two $535 stts then the first I went out of early but at least Gavin from the house got a chop on it. The second one really annoyed me, I played flawlessly and had my stack to over 8k of the 20k in play with four left in level six. the prize money is $6920 as $5120 and 9*$200 last longer bets. At these stage in these there usually chopped and I said I'd take 3k which would put me up $1400 on the night and was about right as I had about 42% of the chips. one guy playing about 5000 said he wasn't chopping for $1600 so very next I get KQ in the SB which is an auto push but right into AA grrr. vert next hand the guy who wouldnt deal pushes UTG with 910 and I call from the button for my last 3.9k with AK but a nine on the river really annoyed me but Wat you gonna do. Actually that $500 stt hurt more then the two outer in the wsop $1500 don't know why but just did.