Saturday, June 23, 2007

went on the lash thursday night after i busted out of the tournament so the last update was a little disjointed as half of it was written pissed and the rest hungover. There was 6 or seven of in the cocktail bar in the rio. Andy Black joined us for a while as did big Al, great night until I decided to give the blackjack and roulette a bang which was rather stupid but I guess a saint would end up doing the same over here at some stage. I really shouldnt of started backing horses at royle ascot at 5 am when i couldn't even see i was so pissed. Ah well we live and learn.

We were in the tilted kilt earlier in the night and as we are leaving I spot phil gorden reading a book in the corner. Now I find him quite annoying so couldn't resist a little big of a dig. as I pass him I give him a big wow hi phil in my best American accent and he waves I then point to the book and ask is that super systems that he is reading but he doesnt see any humour in the comment. He says to Lyonzy and Gavin as they walk past him seconds after me "do you know that jerk", which I found quite amusing.

went into the rio at about 6 today to play a few monkey stts and went none for five which wasnt very good got very unlucky in the second and third one with four and three players left. Probably shouldnt of played really today but not to worried about losing the couple of k as the standard is bad and I'm have to run very bad not to win it back on the next sesssion of them I play.

Dont know if I'll play the $1500 tommorow theres 1800 registered allready and with a 2500 cap I'd probably have to get into the rio by 10 in the morning. As its now 5 am as i write this that seems highly unlightly.