Thursday, June 21, 2007

venetian deep stack

well my first event just went into a $350 tournament in the venetian deep stack festival. Had to que for a players card and by the time I got it the tournament was full so went on the alternate list at number 52. got in the third level with 5700 of the 6k starting stack there was a total of 590 runners

At the first break I had 14500 and had just ran over the table for the 60 minutes I played. Felt really good about the table as I was talking to lyonzy and the Dangerous at the break but alas two hands back the table broke.

then it got a little funny, I was given seat 10 table one but when i got there table one had broken. Table two's seat ten was free however and a floor guy put me in but a sec later a guy comes over with the table two seat ten card so I'm off again and again its a fcuk up as there's someone in my new allocation already.

Eventually I get a table and in the second hand I get 1010 on the button after two limper's. I make it 1800 blinds are 200/400, flops Q 9 8 rainbow and the caller checks. I ask him for a count of his stack and I bet 2600 as he is playing 4400 he flat call which i find very worrying. Turn brings a rag diamond and he pushes which i gotta call; he shows Ad 6d. The guy calls over half his stack against me with A high and no draw on the flop????

Got stuck in a horrible position shortly after this when there's a raise and a caller, I decide to squeeze with 86os from the button but the BB calls. the other two fold pre the K 6 4 flop. The bb pushes for his remaining 2k. Now I know I gotta call getting these odds but don't want the table to see the 86os however folding is probably worse for my image. I call and he has K10 just a messy hand.

I went out with 230 players left playing 17k with blinds 300/600 50 ante. Guy raises early to 2100 and I pop for 6k with 88 on the button. He pushes for 10k on a 1066 flop. After a lot of deliberation I call his AK but a king on the river kills me. I win and I've 33k when the average 13.5k so a little unlucky as I felt I could of gone really deep. The venetian poker room is magic

Gonna play my first WSOP event a $1500 no limit tommorow but with 3000 starting stack not much play so getting a bit of luck early will be needed.

The house were staying here is the business pool table inside and nice swimming pool out back. All the lads staying are dead sound so a few good times ahead over the next few weeks I'm sure