Saturday, June 30, 2007


I'm moving out of the house and into the Rio tonight as I had arranged to share a room with Pat a mate of mine from Waterford for a week. I'm very happy in the house so it's a bit of an upheaval. Before I came my intentions had been just to stay in the house for a week and then stay in a few different casinos but as the lads have been good enough to have me back, I'll be moving back to the house after the week.

On the poker front I played the venetian again yesterday. Played very well for the first five levels and had a nice stack when I mad a drastic mistake. I'm not bothering to go into it but it involved mixing up 5000 and 500 chips and was rather stupid for a player of my experience. Myself the Dangerous and Dave Murry busted within ten minutes which ment Gavin was the only one of the four of us that entered left. I'm convinced that he just blinded himself away to last longer the the rest of us.

Only joking Gavin ( Valour on boards) is a top player and I took 5% of him in the main event last night. I think he is prepared to sell a bit of himself and I would recommend that anyone looking for an interest in the wosp to contact him and get a piece of his action as it wont last long.

As I said in my last post Kevin"lovejoy" O' Leary was going well in Thursdays Venetian game. He ended up doing a five way chop I herd for 28k. Also NFC Rob has made the money going into todays second day of the wsop $2k no limit event, think he has about a 2/3 average stack GL today Rob.

I will not be updating the blog as often over the next few days as I don't have access to the Internet during my stay at the Rio. I'll do my best to get in a post or two somehow and will definitely update after each days play in the main event. Hopefully there will be a few of those.

Dont think I'll play today but will play the final event of the Venetian festival tomorrow and play $500 games in Binions tuesday and wensday.