Tuesday, June 26, 2007

no poker

well just a little. I had no intentions of playing any Internet poker over here but played a few stts yesterday morning just to win something. Played about 8 for $720 profit. not bad for an hours work and good to know my bread and butter is still thee if i need it.

Myself Derek and Lyonzy went shopping yesterday, jeez men's clothing is phenomenally cheep over here flipper woul buy about fifty of those polo tops he likes as there about 20% of the price at home. I bought a pair of deadly prada shades for about $300 which the guys thought quite amusing and gave me a lot of stick over.

the three of up ended going out on the lash joined by Gavin starting in the rio and moving on to the carnival club in harrah's. Gavin is a pretty cool lad but he has this ripped wrangler thing going on which might be all the range in donegal but I'm going to have to bring him shopping the next time I go. The club was basically full of gangbangers but with the amount of cocktails we put down think we fit in more headbangers then gangbangers category.

next update will be poker related and my playing the tables drunken impulse may be cured as I had no impulse to do so last night even when pissed