Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The GCSOP Main Event

The GCSOP Main Event

This was the final event of a series run for the last week on the cryptologic network. I hardly ever play online mtts as they are a tilt magnet for me and generally psychologically damage me so there more trouble then their worth. However the structure on this one caught my attention yesterday. It was a £1000+50 buy in, £225000 guarantee with a magical 10,000 starting stack, 30 minute levels and all the levels in starting at 10-20. Now isn’t that just lovely. Anyhow played a few satts in and got in on my last attempt costing me about £370 in total for the seat. There was 197 starters so a 28k overlay..

The game starts at 4 pm and straight away I clock this maniac who is button to my BB. In the first three levels he yoyo’s 10k to 15k down to 7k up to 25k and down to 4k playing about 70% of pots. I haven’t gotten over 11k or fewer than 9k when I played my first hand with him in level four. Two limper's and he makes it 450 I call with Ac10c from the button as does one of the limper. Flop comes Kc Jc 6x first guy checks and the maniac pushes for about 8k; I call and river the flush. I typed into the chat box “ figured out the A could have been good against that nut “. He was still there and said it was a risky call but that I was probably right. He then continued to rail me for a good while typing encouraging stuff which I found rather funny considering I had just called him a nut.

Got my stack up to 40k quickly picking up 10k in two AK hands. The first there was a 450 raise and call, I made it 2100 from SB. The initial raiser folds and second guy calls. Flop is a king high rainbow and I bet 3300 and get raised to 7800, he folds to a push. Then pick up another 10k in a AK v QQ race. So after two hours I’m cruising comfortable in the top 10. I stay in the top ten for the next seven levels but then take a few hits and drop down to 30k but get it back to 60k by taking down a few preflop pots.

I only saw one hand (JJ) from about 9.30 until I went out at 12 after 8 hours play. When the bubble was approaching I wasn’t aggressive and settled on sitting into the money really. Its nothing something that I do often but with €3300 for tenth to twentieth I figured to sit in and just have a gamble when it bust was probably the sensible thing to do. But the cards were so bad there wasn’t that much I could of done anyhow. I was down to 10BBs and pushed Ad7d into aces to exit the tournament in 18th. All in all I enjoyed this, as I said I hardly ever play mtts online but I might start playing a few more.